How we met

(I have a feeling that you Mark might know this story)

We met on a cruise ship going to Helsinki in the spring of 2009. Madeleine was being harassed by a group of creepy guys when John arrived in the room and to get away from them she grabbed him and pulled him to her and told the creepy guys that this was her boyfriend. From that moment on they couldn’t leave each other’s side for the rest of the journey.

A week after the cruise Madeleine turned 24 and John surprised her with coming to her apartment with a bottle of Champagne and a children’s book for her daughter Denise called “The princess birthday”, a book that John told Madeleine symbolized her.

What a romantic guy, Madeleine thought. From that moment, Madeleine heart was hooked.

We have gone through so much over the years, there’s been great parts and less great parts but all of this has made our love for each other stronger than ever.

It’s crazy how the years go by, the ninth of April we celebrate eight years together and this June we can proudly present our self as Mr. & Mrs. Lundell.

  • About Madeleine

    Born and raised at Lidingö, Stockholm. Her dialect (in Lidingö they have a dialect that to the rest of Sweden sounds a bit posh) is almost gone, but back in the day you could most certainly hear where she was from when she opened her mouth. She played handball as a youth but turning pro was never an option.  As a teenager, she was a bit of a mischievous and she ended up having to move to a place called Gimo a small village outside of Uppsala. A place completely opposite of Lidingö, but all turned out great and the wild child became a responsible girl.

    She works as a receptionist at a hotel in Uppsala but you can also say she’s been working fulltime as a wedding planner the past year. So, if you need any help with that in the future, you know who to call

    The Golden things of life:
    Working out
    Good bottle of wine or Champagne
    Dancing at Flustret (you never get to old for that)
    Blue Blend Cigarettes (hmmm, no comment but this bride loves to smoke.)

    Madeleine as a person:
    Optimistic and energetic but has the temper of a bull sometimes. She Is truly stubborn and won’t back down easily when she thinks she’s right (witch she is most of the time, so don’t bother)

  • About John

    As a young boy, John loved spending time at his relatives in Dalarna and it wasn’t unusual for him to come back to Uppsala with the dialect of Dalarna.

    He started his schoolyears at Gamla Uppsala Skola, went on to Heidenstamskolan and finished at Fyrisskolan to be an Electrician. After three years, he graduated and a job at Sallén Elektriska followed. He put his working pants on and was pumped to work, but after only a couple of weeks (!)something didn’t feel right…

    Was he really going to do this for the rest of his life? Early mornings, food in a metal box, uncomfortable shoes, and a rusty knife in the belt.

    Inventive as he is he went to the doctor and got a note, “Knees not fit for this type of work”

    After a couple of months in bed he got the call, he was going to the headquarter for work. Now days the workpants have been exchanged for chinos, food in metal box have been replaced by fancy restaurants, the uncomfortably shoes are now velvet slippers and the rusty knife is a calculator.

    The Golden things of life:
    Family of course, I wouldn’t be anything without them.
    Leksands IF, my first love.
    Red wine from Italy.
    Champagne/Prosecco, just because…
    Travel, Barcelona is a personal favorite.

    John as person:
    Calm and thoughtfull, loves humor of all kind and is stubborn as a donkey.